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Mark Shian - Still My Everything (Official Music Video)

Mark Shian - Still My Everything (Official Music Video)

Mark Shian - Still My Everything (Official Music Video)

Mark Shian - Man of Sorrows - Piano Solo

Mark Shian - The Love Story - Electric Guitar Solo

Mark Shian - Por Una Cabeza - Piano Solo


My passion is music, media, and ministry. I love being able to make music videos to tell people about Jesus Christ. In Matthew 4:19, Jesus said 'Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.' And this is my dream: to use the power of music and media to reach out to the nations, delivering the message of God's love to them wherever they are in the world!


Nothing brings me greater joy than to know that someone out there in the world could discover God through my passion in music and media. The Bible says that whole of heaven celebrates when people are reconciled with Jesus Christ. Because the Kingdom of Christ, and heaven and hell have become such a reality to me, my perspective of life has changed significantly. Jesus said in Matthew 6:21, 'Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.' And my treasure is in seeing the lost souls of the world redeemed through His love. God does not wish eternal condemnation for anyone. He has a beautiful eternal plan for us all if we're willing to walk with Christ.



Vocals, Band, Orchestra

Released : 24 April 2015


Still My Everything is a project that took me 2 years to record, plan, and film. It was filmed in the historic Union Station of Kansas City, USA. I was very fortunate to be able to work with some great musicians in this project and the Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City who supplied the string orchestra. I had an amazing company called Through a Glass from Lawrence, Kansas led by Jeremy Osbern, an Emmy Award winning film director shoot the whole project using RED cameras in 4K. This marks the first music video of mine that's been filmed using a RED camera. 


The music video tells a story of God's grace and mercy upon our lives. The message of the song comes from Romans 8:38 where it says that nothing can ever separate us from the love of God revelead in Christ Jesus. Despite all our faults, sins, and failures there is a God who continues to pursue us because he loves us with a deep passion. There is nothing that we can do to make him love us less and there is nothing we can do to make him love us more. His love for us is perfect and everlasting. Jesus' desire is that we would repent of our ways and return to him that we may have life and life more abundantly. He has great things in store for us if we would only trust in him and walk according to the plan that he has for us. 



Piano Solo

Released : 31 Aug 2014


Man of Sorrows was written out of Isaiah 53 to reflect the life and journey of suffering that Jesus had to endure in his life on earth as he stayed on the path of obedience to God. His faithfulness to God led him on a journey of great persecution and sorrow that eventually led to his crucifixion on the cross for the sins of world despite being rejected by those he died for. His death on the cross was made as an offering for the sins of mankind. It was God’s plan to crush him and cause him grief to redeem us from eternal punishment and condemnation. Only Jesus Christ can save us on the day of judgement at the end of our lives. It is by knowing Him as our saviour that we are set free, and it is by denying him that we are condemned. 



Guitar Solo

Released : 1 June 2012


The Love Story guitar solo was written out of the theme song from the movie Love Story. I was inspired by the tune and decided to write my own version of the song for the electric guitar and ended it with a chorus that I wrote called Freedom. The Intro of the song is a short improvisation and then it goes into the verse and chorus. I tried to recreate the song as accurately as I could on the guitar so the people who knew the song could relate to it.

It was a great fun day with my friends from Northampton from the band The Enid who helped to back me up. It was filmed in my home church Newlife Church in Milton Keynes. It was a shoot to remember, we had so much fun filming it.

I decided to end the video with the sharing of John 3:16, probably the most important piece of scripture in the whole bible. I sent my guitar in for laser engraving and they managed to laser engrave John 3:16 onto the back of my guitar so I could use it to share the message.



Piano Solo

Released : 27 Dec 2011


Notes : This was my first video, it's very dear to my heart because it took me many years to put the piece together. It was inspired by the movie Scent of a Woman, I started by playing the chorus of the song by ear on the piano and over the years as I kept adding to it, it turned into an amazing piano piece. The video was filmed at a church friend's recording studio in Malaysia. Initially the purpose for the project was so I could use it to support my application for entry into music schools. I dedicated my first video to Jesus Christ by telling the world at the end of the video that there is hope in Jesus. I found a really nice bracelet with the name Jesus laid in crystals and decided to use it for the ending of the video. I eventually ended up giving the bracelet to a girl in Turkey who I shared the gospel with through the video.


The video has allowed me to share the gospel to many people around the world, something I never expected. I never imaged that people from so many nations would actually respond to such a simple message. This is how my ministry began. It really brought a conviction to me that God can work through me in unique ways and Youtube is one way He reaches out to the nations.

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