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My name is Mark Shian, I'm a teacher, recording artist, and musician with 10+ years experience on stage and studio. I'm based in Ellenton, FL and teach electric / acoustic guitar and piano lessons to local residents in the area.

Please look around my website and check out my music videos, albums, biography, and courses. As a online music educator, I have taught thousands of students from all around the world through my online courses. 

I offer lessons catering especially to those at the beginner and intermediate level striving to reach to advanced levels. I focus alot on building a good foundation for piano and guitar and make sure my students have a strong understanding of their instrument. 

Lessons are usually held once a week at my studio in Ellenton, FL.


For those interested in learning from me but live in other countries, I also do Zoom guitar lessons. 

I also teach studio recording, mixing, and mastering for those interested in setting up their own home recording studio.

Please contact me using the form below if interested in lessons. 

Looking forward to helping you reach your music goals and aspirations.

Great Blessings,

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