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Welcome to the Free Guitar Workshop by Mark Shian


In this 1-hour workshop I'm going to answer some of the most fundamentally important questions in guitar playing: 

1) How do you solo all over the fretboard in any given key without getting lost?

2) How do you add more vocabulary to your solo playing outside of the pentatonic?

3) How do you express chords all over the fretboard?

4) How do you play a given chord progression in any register of the fretboard?

5) How do you memorize the fretboard?

The answers to these questions are different for every guitarist but I will share with you how I personally approach this in my playing and teaching. I really hope that your understanding of the guitar will be significantly improved through watching this workshop. 

These lessons as well foundational and more advanced topics are covered in-depth in the full course "Total Guitar Mastery" which is a bundle of two comprehensive courses that focuses on guitar soloing and chord mastery.

The goal of these courses is to help build a strong foundation in guitar theory and fretboard knowledge and develop your ability to play dynamic solos and chord progressions all over the fretboard.

These courses have been designed and structured to help guitar players who are at the beginner to intermediate stages of guitar playing reach advanced professional levels.

Click the link below to learn more about "Total Guitar Mastery" 


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