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Welcome to the Free Piano Workshop by Mark Shian

In this 1-hour workshop I'm going to answer these questions and share with you my approach to piano playing: 

1) How do I begin the process of learning how to improvise on the piano?

2) How do I sound more dynamic and expressive when playing chords for a song?

3) How do I incorporate more advanced chord voicings into my playing?

4) How can I create my own piano songs and learn melodic development?

You will learn:

1) The importance of intervals and chord construction

2) Advanced chords, inversions, transitions, and arpeggios and how they can transform your playing

3) Slash chords and how it can create more dynamic chord voicings

4) How to improvise and create your own melodic piano songs

The information shared in this workshop will help pianists of all levels improve their ability to express themselves on the piano. I truly hope that by the end of this workshop your eyes will be opened and you won't see the piano the same again. It is my joy and privilege to show you how I am able to create dynamic piano solos and express chord progressions in a beautiful and melodic way. 

These lessons as well foundational and more advanced topics are covered in depth in the full course "The Heavenly Piano Masterclass" which is a course designed and structured to help piano players of all levels break out of the box and learn the ability to improvise over any song and chord progression as well as create unique melody using the notes within chords themselves. 

The course will be an extremely valuable program for those seeking to reach advanced professional levels in their playing for modern, contemporary, rock, popular, and worship style music.

Click the link below to learn more about "The Heavenly Piano Masterclass" 


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