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From the very beginning, I've always wanted to be a full-time musician.

Of course, making a career out of  something you love and are passionate about isn't always easy.


In fact, I would say being a full time musician is probably one of the most challenging careers to undertake. 

To get to a level where you are able to monetize your music and musical ability takes years and decades of dedication and hard work.


Mastering your instrument is only the first step. You then have to learn song writing, recording, mixing, mastering, music business, legal matters, fund raising, taxes, videography, video editing, website development, social media, education, and the list goes on and on.

The journey has been intense to say the least but I'm steadfast in my faith that it is possible to build a legitimate career as a musician.


My plan is to somehow obtain this dream through sharing my heartfelt music to inspire and touch lives, and give of my knowledge to help those that are on the same difficult journey. 

If you feel like my channel has helped you, encouraged you, and lifted you up and you want to support my work and help push me forward, I would be grateful for any donations made towards my music ministry.   

I live for Jesus and no matter what I do, I never forget that I'm doing it all unto the glory of Jesus Christ the living God. 

Thank you for supporting me!

Faith, Hope, and Love,



Mark Shian

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