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Mark Shian is a worship leader, song writer, musician, educator, composer, recording engineer, photographer, and videographer based in Ellenton, Florida. Mark is known for writing and performing inspiring music on the piano and guitar and also teaches his art through his online courses. 


Mark started playing the piano at age 5, and the guitar at age 12. At age 16 he began composing his own music and started playing for the local church. At 22, after completing his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, he migrated to England where he served as a worship musician at Newlife Church in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. During his 8 years in England, he studied and pursued his passion in music, audio engineering, photography, and video production. For all the projects he produces, he is heavily involved in the process of writing, recording, mixing/mastering, planning, filming, and editing.


In 2012, Mark moved to Kansas City, MO to pursue full time study in music and ministry at the International House of Prayer University. In May 2016, Mark graduated with a 4 year Diploma in Christian Ministry. After his graduation, he worked as full time worship and media director at a church in Parrish, FL. His role required him to lead and train a team of music and media volunteers that were passionate about using creative arts and technology to exalt the name of Jesus.


His main focus in this season is building his online school "Shian University" as well as "Reason To Live", a music ministry that is focused on drawing people to Christ through music.  Reason To Live was an idea that was birthed out of his passion for music and evangelism during his years in ministry school. His dream was to be able to reach out to the world with his music to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


In 2015, Mark met his wife Suzy during his time at Bible college. They were married a year later and are now settled in Ellenton, FL. His hopes are that many would come to know God's everlasting love through his family, work, and ministry.

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